On Bass: Improve Your Groove

The metronome pictured here is old-school, but no matter the style, there is nothing old fashioned about making the use of a metronome a priority. I spent two years taking piano lessons before I started playing bass. And I spent my first 10 years on bass slaving over a cassette deck or a record pla...

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Staff Picks: The Head and the Heart

Q: What’s the most unusual or amazing headstock in your guitar collection? Please show and tell! Yonatan Gat — Guest PickerA: My Portuguese guitar. I picked it up in Porto while I was recording my f...

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Kemper Unveils the Profiler Operating System 5.5.2

Kemper GmbH Ruhr Area, Germany (August 16, 2018) -- Kemper GmbH recently released the Profiler OS version 5.5.2 and added a number of user-driven features to the acclaimed Kemper Profiler. Digital Connection - In conjunction with digital recording equipment and connected via S/PDIF the Profiler no...

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